How To Help

Protecting Ponto is coming to a critical junction, Carlsbad Council considering Ponto Park & Open Space options. Make your need and desire for Ponto Park heard – this is your chance!

Our over 5,000 letters to date are working, but we need 5,000 more sent to the Carlsbad City Council and the California Coastal Commission voicing support for Coastal Open Space and a Coastal Park at Ponto for South Carlsbad and North County.

CA residences and visitors alike can help by filling in the below and forwarding this webpage to others to also sign…

Protect Ponto Petition:

Dear Carlsbad City Council, and California Coastal Commission:

I applaud you for directing City Staff to bring City Council viable strategies regarding Planning Area F and other coastal properties to preserve open space and create coastal recreation. 

This work is vitally needed now more than ever since, 

  • The City’s 2017 Sea Level Rise Report shows Ponto will lose over 32-acres of Coastal Open Space land use due to coastal erosion and flooding.  (14+ acres of Coastal Recreation and 18+ acres of Campground will be lost) during the city’s general plan. 
  • The current 2015 General Plan did not consider this critical 2017 Sea Level Rise data and new actions and Plan are needed to address the loss and increased demand for Coastal Open Space. 
  • There is a current 6.6-acre park deficit in the Coastal Southwest quadrant of Carlsbad (south of Palomar Airport Road and west of El Camino Real) and a 30-acre open-space deficit in Zone 9 (Ponto area – west of I-5 and south of Poinsettia) that will only get worse as we lose Coastal Open Space lands due to Sea Level Rise.  

Accordingly, I am making my position known and requesting that:

I request that my comments be taken into consideration at the Oct 12th City Council meeting and ALL FUTURE LCP meetings by the City and CA Coastal Commission and put into the public comment record for all matters related to Planning Area F.

*Details you share above will be sent on to the appropriate city officials.