How To Help

People for Ponto Carlsbad citizens, visitors, and other north county citizens have provided the City and CA Coastal Commission with over 5,000 public comments/desires on  the future of Ponto. 

The City is again re-asking for input on their proposed Ponto solution the ’PCH Modification Project’.  The overwhelming Citizen issues raised since 2017 are still the same. 

CA residences and visitors alike can help by filling in the below and forwarding this webpage to others to also sign…

Protect Ponto Petition:

Dear Carlsbad City Council, and California Coastal Commission:

– The City’s 2017 & 2020 Sea Level Rise Report shows Ponto will lose over 32-acres of “High-
priority Coastal Land Use” due to coastal erosion and flooding.  (14+ acres of Coastal Recreation
and 18+ acres of Campground will be lost) in Carlsbad’s General Plan. 

– Carlsbad’s 2015 General Plan did not consider this critical 2017 & 2020 Sea Level Rise data and
new actions and a new Plan are needed to address the 32+ acre loss AND increased population/visitor demand for “High-
priority Coastal Land Uses”. 

– Carlsbad’s General Plan also did not incorporate requirements for unlimited population growth
that will need even more City and Coastal Recreation land – “High-priority Coastal Land Uses”.

– There is a current 6.6-acre City park deficit in Coastal Southwest Carlsbad and a 30-acre Coastal
open-space deficit in Zone 9 (Ponto area – west of I-5 and south of Poinsettia) that only gets
worse as we lose 32+ acres of Coastal Open Space lands from Sea Level Rise. 

– Per voter approved Proposition H a proposed PCH Modification Project will require a vote of approval by Carlsbad Citizens.  The tax-payer value of a PCH Modification Project and other tax-payer investment options should be fully disclosed and vetted.  

Accordingly, I am making my position known and requesting that the PCH Project :

I want the City to:  
  1. Address the true neighborhood Park needs for Ponto (minimal 6-7 acre Park to serve minimal neighborhood needs based on Ponto buildout-population standard).  Ponto Park should be an appropriately wide, viable, flat and fully useable multi-use grassed field – allow kids space to play informal sports.  No thin strip of non-park land.
  2. Address loss of 32+ acres of Coastal Open Space Land from sea level rise by providing for Non-neighborhood City and State buildout-population and visitor demands for both Coastal Recreation land use and the loss of the Campground.  Provide sufficient Coastal Recreation and low-cost visitor accommodation land use to address the CA Coastal Act and City/State ‘buildout population/visitor demand’, and planned loss of current supply due to planned sea level rise. 
  3. Disclose and address 2017 CA Coastal Commission direction to City on Ponto Vision Plan and Planning Area F Existing LCP in the PCH Project.
  4. Fully address Sea Level Rise impacts consistent with CA Coastal Act & Commission on current and future ‘buildout’ land use and land acreage by plotting the Seal Level Rise inundation and coastal erosion/bluff hazard areas on the PCH Project maps, and in the PCH Project replaceall 32+ acres of high-priority Coastal land use that will be lost to sea level rise and coastal erosion and increase the supply of these high-priority Coastal land uses to address increased City/State buildout population and visitor demands.
  5. Fully disclose and consider the 3-page General Comparative tax-payer Costs/Benefits Analysis of Ponto Park and Promenade, to assure tax-payers (City and/or State) are getting the best and most sustainable value for their tax-payer dollars.  The City should use tax-payer money wisely.
  6. Incorporate the 5,000+ written/emailed petitions to the Council & CA Coastal Commission, and the Letters from Carlsbad visitor industry, Surfrider Foundation, and Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation.
  7. Within the Local Facilities Management Plan Zone 9 portion fully provide the 30-acers of documented missing Unconstrained Growth Management Open Space that developers were supposed to provide.  Also fully disclose and incorporate the Ponto Open Space recommendations from North County Advocates per City’s lawsuit settlement.
  8. Fully preserve or mitigate sensitive habitat areas within and adjacent to the PCH Project area. 
  9. Fully provide required storm water quality purification and dentition basins in the PCH Project before project waters and waters passing through the project area are discharged into the ocean and Batiquitos Lagoon. 
  10. I am concerned about the PCH Modification Project more than doubling traffic congestion along Coast Highway for an extremely costly walkway, when the same walkway and other needed Coastal land uses can be provided for a fraction of the cost along existing Coast Highway. It is not appropriate to try to pass off a walkway as “linear park”.
  11. Lastly as requested since 2017, directly engage and specifically involve the San Pacifico Community Association and Ponto Community in that portion of the City’s PCH Project of planning and design of land use in that community.

We request the above 11 citizen issues be fully addressed in the City’s PCH Modification Project. 

I request that my comments be taken into consideration for ALL City Council and CA Costal Commission meetings and planning sessions related to the PCH Project and all maters related to Planning Area F. And that this email be put into the public comment record for all matters and related to the PCH Project and Planning Area F.

*Details you share above will be sent on to the appropriate city officials.